Strong scale-up business growth

Focus on customer opportunities, strong marketing, biz-dev and sales plans, the business's people talent, team dynamics and operations, for improved revenue and margin results.

CustomerGig works with Private Equity, Venture Capital organisations, and directly with companies across vertical sectors and regions of the world (Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa), to offer bespoke business strategy and scale-up growth plans and results across international markets, with a focus on customers and the people talent within the business, for increased revenue and margin results. 

 Work with the CEO and leadership team can be offered based on assessing and agreeing the requirements and flexibility of the business, and then tailored as:

-   Consultancy

-   Interim / fractional leadership

-   Monthly retainer

-   Ongoing Board / Functional leadership

-   Non-Exec Director (NED) position in the board / leadership team

 We would meet together, in order to review and agree your business priorities, financial number objectives, desired brand positioning and the leadership / talent / people position, and agree the scope of engagement, and the timelines for the plan design and cost. 

Your Scale-up Growth, Is Our Business.

Step 1

The business go-to-market plan for scale-up growth: 

International business objectives, strategy and financial priorities

CustomerGig works with the CEO, GM and board / leadership team to agree on key business objectives and priorities, and assesses and proposes the scope of the strategy and plan.

Which country markets are immediate priorities, and which are later further growth ambitions?

Which priority vertical sectors will adopt the proposition more rapidly?

What are the sweet-spot horizontal B2B organisation sizes for the product / proposition?

Which B2C socio-demographic segments are a bulls-eye target audience?

How may the target buying-group persona profiles be identified and articulated, in order to prioritise and target?

What is the strength of the current and future product technology roadmap, built using insight from existing and target customers?

What are your financial 1 to 3 to 5 year growth plans for future revenues, margins and EBITDA ? 

It is vital to be crystal clear on the priority business objectives around the markets, sectors and customers, the way by which products are developed over time, and the structured way to achieve the financial plan numbers.

Step 2

The right customers & value proposition: 

Market-based planning, zero-based budgeting
and customer journey mapping

CustomerGig works to help map the customer journeys and experience for B2B sectors and / or B2C segments, across physical and digital media, channels and touchpoints.

 Considerations for the planning:

 1.   Brand positioning to define a competitive advantage across country markets.

2.   Customer value proposition development at appropriate points on the diffusion / adoption cycle.

3.   Integrated marketing campaign design for increased lead identification, nurture and qualification.

4.   Customer data and analytics, including behaviour-intent, to hone, strengthen and increase the

5.   Content marketing and editorial calendar for specific brand messaging and building differentiated thought leadership

6.   Ecommerce model construct and optimisation

7.   Social media choices based on target audience preferences

8.   Digital marketing – SEO, SEM, Programmatic

9.   CRM ‘in-life’ engagement for retention, loyalty and advocacy.

10.     Events - from small intimate briefings and round-tables, up to large trade-shows and hospitality

11.   Sales collaboration and enablement

12.     Extended CX, joined-up across customer-success, customer service, support teams and other specialisms as required.

13.   Physical Stores and direct channels

14.   Indirect channel development with incentivising channel programmes.

15.   Agency service-provider identification

The right combination will be required based on your specific business priorities, budgets and team resources. 

Zero-based budgeting is an approach that takes a fresh look at what the future business opportunities are, and the new and revised combination of investments that will permit you to achieve those goals.

Step 3

The people talent within the business: 

Leadership and team coaching, talent sourcing

Your people is your business.

You require the very best high-performing team to sustainably deliver unique culture, brand, CX and financial results you desire.

 CustomerGig provides your business leadership and wider team, with coaching and ongoing support, to put the new business culture and financial / operational structure in place.

 1.   Building behaviour for sustainable business growth and high achievement

2.   How to optimise customer engagement across touchpoints

3.   New data and technology design and implementation.

4.   Coaching to help team members progress, and optimise performance = Enterprise / Entrepreneurial Leadership Journey (ELJ)

5. Delivery of training, workshops and other leadership support in order to achieve cultural and leadership change management. 

Step 4

Delivering sustainable business results:

New customer business model launch and operations

CustomerGig provides ongoing operational leadership of the new business, with agreed customer-driven measurement, and continuous improvement.

1. Hard measures (pipeline, qualified opportunities, revenue, margin, EBITDA, product / service mix optimisation)

2. Soft measures (customer experience optimisation, brand loyalty and advocacy, emotional and rational engagement)

3. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual numbers and metrics reviews. Adjusting to new customer opportunities, business requirements, technical innovations, and financial forecast needs.

is here to help with your customer-driven business transformation and scale-up for revenue and EBITDA growth.