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Owing to the pandemic and advancement of technologies, the global FinTech / Financial Services, along with service-providers from Professional Services / Management Consulting, and other highly-competitive service industries, have been undergoing significant remodelling when it comes to operations. This has led to new practices and locations for hiring new specialised talent. The impact of COVID-19 on hiring trends has given way to improved strategies and innovative requirements for companies across sectors.

The speed of the economic recovery, and accompanying commercial success, during the move out of global pandemic phase, will be dictated by the rollout of the vaccine across more than 200+ countries, how Governments adjust related policy and legislation, and how business leaders adjust to a new world of stakeholder demands.

Podcast: Business in Lockdown – Smart Leadership Advice

Podcast with Lucy Thorpe interviewing Andrew Ford 
16th April 2020

Doing good business in lockdown is a tough test of leadership – that’s the message from my latest guest – business advisor Andrew Ford. Andrew and I sat down on either side of a Zoom link to talk about what the best business leaders are doing now during Covid 19 – how they are adjusting their business plans and motivating teams to work well together.


Blog: Unlocking business growth

Andrew Ford, 3rd February 2020

Business growth can be achieved through strong and cohesive leadership, teamwork with strong specialist and generalist skills, an investment in market-insight stimulated planning, and using market and customer insight on which to build a market-based plan.


Blog: Social-impact & tech-for-good in Africa in 2019. Kenyan AgriTech start-ups drive innovation for economic empowerment and better nutrition

Andrew Ford, 3rd December 2019

The Africa tech scene is blossoming and gaining significant momentum, with tech hubs being established across a number of countries and cities.

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Blog: CMO, a business-leader: Driving the Top and Bottom-line results 

Andrew Ford, 13th February 2019

Marketing has changed a great deal over the past few decades, moving from being product-centric, to becoming more customer driven and value orientated. 
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Media article: Zariance interview with Andrew Ford, Chief Marketing Officer adviser at Cyance

Published 28th April 2019
We cover Andrew's professional journey and recommendations as a marketing, communications and business leader.
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Andrew Ford is the Chief Marketing Officer adviser at Cyance, a predictive analytics behavior-based marketing SaaS business, which uses machine-learning and rich data sets to understand online buyer-intent to help marketing and sales identify opportunities, achieve quota and grow CLV.

Blog: ‘Is someone getting the best of you?’

Andrew Ford, 30th December 2018

You want to be the best of yourself, in all aspects of your life – at home, at play, at work – in the best way that suits your own strengths and the things you enjoy. 

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Video: Andrew Ford - The Pitney Bowes transformation story

Published, 9th June 2017

Impacting Inbound marketing with fundamental market-based planning, complete alliance with sales, and launching with Cyance behaviour-intent marketing, Hubspot,, and integrated / programmatic B2B campaigns across countries and vertical sectors. 75% increase in qualified pipeline, and 66% reduction in resource costs.

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Media Article: An Internet of the People, by the People, for the People’ – a UK perspective

Published in the Huffington Post on 18/10/2017 01:28 pm ET

Contributed by: Mei-Lin Fung, Co-founder of People Centered Internet; Andrew Ford, Chief Customer Officer CustomerGig; Deborah Gale, Intergen Design Leader at The Age of No Retirement.