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Podcast: Business in Lockdown – Smart Leadership Advice

Podcast with Lucy Thorpe interviewing Andrew Ford 
16th April 2020

Doing good business in lockdown is a tough test of leadership – that’s the message from my latest guest – business advisor Andrew Ford. Andrew and I sat down on either side of a Zoom link to talk about what the best business leaders are doing now during Covid 19 – how they are adjusting their business plans and motivating teams to work well together.



Blog: Unlocking business growth

Andrew Ford, 3rd February 2020

Business growth can be achieved through strong and cohesive leadership, teamwork with strong specialist and generalist skills, an investment in market-insight stimulated planning, and using market and customer insight on which to build a market-based plan.


Blog: Social-impact & tech-for-good in Africa in 2019. Kenyan AgriTech start-ups drive innovation for economic empowerment and better nutrition

Andrew Ford, 3rd December 2019

The Africa tech scene is blossoming and gaining significant momentum, with tech hubs being established across a number of countries and cities.

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Blog: CMO, a business-leader: Driving the Top and Bottom-line results 

Andrew Ford, 13th February 2019

Marketing has changed a great deal over the past few decades, moving from being product-centric, to becoming more customer driven and value orientated. 
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Media article: Zariance interview with Andrew Ford, Chief Marketing Officer adviser at Cyance

Published 28th April 2019
We cover Andrew's professional journey and recommendations as a marketing, communications and business leader.
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Andrew Ford is the Chief Marketing Officer adviser at Cyance, a predictive analytics behavior-based marketing SaaS business, which uses machine-learning and rich data sets to understand online buyer-intent to help marketing and sales identify opportunities, achieve quota and grow CLV.


Blog: ‘Is someone getting the best of you?’

Andrew Ford, 30th December 2018

You want to be the best of yourself, in all aspects of your life – at home, at play, at work – in the best way that suits your own strengths and the things you enjoy. 

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Video: Andrew Ford - The Pitney Bowes transformation story

Published, 9th June 2017

Impacting Inbound marketing with fundamental market-based planning, complete alliance with sales, and launching with Cyance behaviour-intent marketing, Hubspot, salesforce.com, and integrated / programmatic B2B campaigns across countries and vertical sectors. 75% increase in qualified pipeline, and 66% reduction in resource costs.

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Media Article: An Internet of the People, by the People, for the People’ – a UK perspective

Published in the Huffington Post on 18/10/2017 01:28 pm ET

Contributed by: Mei-Lin Fung, Co-founder of People Centered Internet; Andrew Ford, Chief Customer Officer CustomerGig; Deborah Gale, Intergen Design Leader at The Age of No Retirement.