Your Customers, Are Our Business.

Business and marketing strategy consultancy offering interim, coaching & leadership for customer growth initiatives.

85% of Customers would have been retained if the Company had acted on a request

69% of Customers would have stayed if a problem had been resolved

55% of Customers would have stayed if preferencial treatment and rewards had been offered

48% of Customers, nearly half, changed brands due to poor service

26% of people say they look at Facebook, Twitter or blogs when learning about a company, and 70% ask family, friends or colleagues.


53% Customer Loyalty is based on the Purchase Experience

Source: The Challenger Sales, Matthew Dixon & Brent Adamson

Our Services

We are a business and marketing strategy consultancy.

We help business leaders achieve sustainable growth and financial numbers achievement.

We do this by:

Helping to define a new business strategy, designed around your customers

Building a plan for a customer-centric brand and targeted value propositions
Putting customer data and analytics at the core of the business
Mapping the customer journey across marketing,  business development, sales teams and channels

Coaching and training employees in terms of the culture and skills required for success

Deploying the best technology solutions to ensure agile performance

CustomerGig is here to help you to grow your business, by taking advantage of the new dynamic of the customer-centric world.